A Loved One’s Lost Memories

A Loved One's Lost Memories


A Loved One’s Lost Memories

By Larry G Gulledge

Since my beloved wife has disappeared

I shed many lonesome tears.

It’s so very sad when I reminisce

To happier times I fervently miss.

The journey is agonizingly slow

For those of us who love her so.

Sometimes there is a tinge of joy

When her mind seems to know

A face or voice that touches her soul.

That magic moment does not last

 And we mourn for more memories of the past

That might include our family’s cast.

Instead we hear a sometimes endless chatter

Of scattered tales from her early travels

That makes us numb from stories that no longer matter.

Yet, she continues to enjoy the present minute

And then forgets it as her brain welcomes an earlier tenant.

She loves her children and grandchildren too

But she often forgets who they belong to.

As a caregiver I can become impatient

 And wish God would intervene and make my life more serene.

Then when she takes my hand to her lips

With hands that tremble from too many troubled years

I realize that if she were gone I’d still have those lonesome tears.