How Does “Move for Minds” Benefit Alzheimer’s?

An annual Alzheimer’s disease fundraising event created by author, journalist and the former First Lady of California, Maria Shriver, “Move for Minds” is benefiting the disease by educating and supporting men and women across the United States on cognitive and physical health.How Does "Move for Minds" Benefit Alzheimer's?

Learn more about the initiative and how to get involved in honor of Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month this June.

“Move for Minds” Benefits Alzheimer’s This June

“Move for Minds” is “an annual initiative that aims to ignite men and women everywhere to make their cognitive health a priority,” according to Shriver’s website, The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. In June each year across the country, the event aims to educate the public about the latest on Alzheimer’s and research on lifestyle changes  — such as diet and exercise — that may help to prevent or slow down the progress of the disease.

The premise for incorporating healthy eating and exercise habits into the Move for Minds initiative is the hope that making these lifestyle changes today will ensure a healthy (Alzheimer’s-free) brain tomorrow.  Move for Minds also aims to serve as a funding source for women-based Alzheimer’s research, in an effort to accelerate the scientific discovery of a cure for the disease.

The annual Move for Minds event also helps to:

  • Educate the public about Alzheimer’s prevention
  • Inform women about the risks of Alzheimer’s
  • Provide caregiver relief grants for caregivers in need of respite care
  • Support family members of those with the disease
  • Support women-based Alzheimer’s research studies

As part of the initiative, people are asked to join the Alzheimer’s Women’s Movement and support the organization’s effort to help find a cure for the disease.

Here are some ways of getting involved in this year’s event:

  1. Donate to the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement.
  2. Organize a local fundraiser or join one near you.
  3. Tell people in your local area about the event and encourage them to get involved.

This year’s event also includes activities such as:

Dance for Minds

Dancing is a fun way to exercise while keeping the body and mind engaged. You can start a Dance for Minds fundraising campaign or search for an existing fundraiser in your area.

Dine for Minds

Healthy eating is at the core of a healthy brain, so why not host a dinner party and serve healthy food for your guests that will support the cause? Start your own Dine for Minds fundraiser, or find one near you.

Games for Minds

Keeping the mind active by playing board games, engaging in card games or trivia competitions, helps to promote a healthy brain. Start your own “Games for Minds” fundraising campaign, or search for one in your local area.

Hike for Minds

Getting a great workout in while enjoying nature is one of the best ways to exercise and maintain a brain healthy lifestyle.  Organize your own “Hike for Minds” event or search for one in your area.

Meditation for Minds

Meditation and mindfulness helps lower stress and has been shown to promote brain health. Start your own Meditation for Minds fundraising campaign or search for an upcoming event near you.

Run for Minds

An exercise event would not be complete without an option for runners. Whether you enjoy a long cross country run, or a short jog through the neighborhood, the Run for Minds fundraising event can offer a fun activity, while helping Alzheimer’s research.  Start your own event or search for an existing one.

Yoga for Minds

Yoga helps to improve blood flow to the brain while staving off unhealthy symptoms caused by stress.  Start a Yoga for Minds campaign of your own, or search for an upcoming event in your area.

No matter where you live, you can help support the annual Move for Minds fundraising event and become part of the national movement to support women-based Alzheimer’s research and help find a cure this June.

Are you planning on joining the Move for Minds event in honor of Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month? We’d like to hear more about your plans this June in the comments below.

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